PNGWe provide comprehensive yet easy-to-understand legal reference books and e-tutorials for writers and other creatives. Each publication is written by an experienced literary law and intellectual property attorney, and designed with the creator in mind.

logaster-1-twitter-profile-400pxWe offer business entity, domain name, trademark and copyright registration services via RegisterRight™ to help you protect and maximize the value of your intellectual property and brand. Our experts also offer full-service legal representation if you need more comprehensive one-on-one services beyond RegisterRight™.

once-upon-a-timeFinally, we offer book shepherding services via BookPilot™ to help you navigate every aspect of the traditional or independent publishing process, including addressing pre-publication issues, hiring industry professionals, securing licenses and permissions, understanding and negotiating contracts, and printing, publishing and distribution.

Regardless of where you are in your creative journey, we have a resource that will meet your intellectual property, business and literary law needs.

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